Daktari Season 4 Opening Credits

Courtesy of  crazymonkey1958 – from Season 4. Shelly Manne’s theme was very cool!

daktaritvshow.wordpress.com ross hagen bart jason erin moran jenny jones marshall thompson dr. marsh tracy daktariIt’s too bad though that Daktari lost its edge in Season 4 (you might even say it started losing it in Season 3). Adding Erin Moran as orphan Jenny Jones might have been a good move (but it certainly reduced Cheryl Miller’s role) but I don’t get the addition of Ross Hagen as Bart Jason. If they were going to add characters, why not a romantic interest for Marsh Tracy? Or for that matter, for Paula with Bart since Yale Summers left the show at the end of Season 3. It was getting a little crowded at Wameru …

Still, it’s cool hearing Manne’s great theme.

What did you think of Season 4?

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11 comments on “Daktari Season 4 Opening Credits

  1. As I have said before, I really dislike season 4 because of the addition of the little girl and Bart, the macho man. Jack was a lot of fun and the relationship between Paula and him was great. In season 4 Paula went from being about 19 or 20 to acting like she was 30. Plus, the relationship between her and Marsh was essentially ruined when the poor little orphan was added. Also, in the opening credits Marshall Thompson is listed before the show title and everyone else is listed as “also starring”. It sounds to me like Marshall Thompson was getting a little jealous of his co-stars. At any rate, the final season lasted only for fifteen episodes which shows that viewers like me did not like the changes. Just think what could have been had they let the show age with the viewership.

    • I actually began to lose interest during Season 3. The episodes seem to focus only on the chimp, the lion and Dr. Tracy. I hated the way they made Paula look, so severe! A couple of nights ago I watched some of Season 2 which I just got in the mail. My favorite episode was the one where Paula and Daktari went out on a training run, got into an accident and Paula had to use her wits to get her to safety. It was just as good as I remember as a kid and I was amazed at all she did! Great father-daughter stuff, and a nice role model for girls – here was a real outdoorsy girl (and Cheryl Miller was in real life) with grit and strength and a resourceful mind.

      Can you give me the name of that german magazine with the updated picture of Cheryl Miller, and the date the story ran? Maybe you could snap a picture with your phone or camera and email me the picture at daktaritvshow@gmail.com? I’d love to see what she looks like now. Thanks!

    • I didn’t really mind the new addition of the little girl and I thought nothing of it. I loved the show no matter how much it changed.

  2. Hi Susan,
    I’ll try to scan and send when I get home this weekend. I’m on vacation in NYC.

    • Oh thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing what she looks like. I suppose the article is in German, hmmmm, I’ll have to figure out how to have translated. I’d like to post it up on the site and give you credit but I don’t want to use your name if you don’t want it used. Let me know how you would like to be credited.

  3. That is also my favorite episode. Paula does everything wrong in the beginning but shows her grit and ingenuity in the end. Plus, Judy and Clarence weren’t the focus which was nice.

  4. Daktari fue la serie que siempre nos acompañó al terminar cada día de la escuela. Todos sus actores fueron formidables y nunca me los voy a olvidar! Muchas gracias.

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