Cheryl Miller today

cheryl miller today at 69 (as of March 2012)

Cheryl Miller today at 69 (as of March 2012)

Recently a reader (aptly named “Cheryl”) mentioned a German magazine article that appeared last year on Cheryl Miller. She graciously shared with us the article, a beautiful two-page spread.  She writes, “The magazine is called Freizeit Revue and I believe that it is issue number 11 of 2012 which I think came out last March. I found it online while doing a search on Cheryl Miller after the Daktari season 1 came out and this was for sale on a German eBay-type site called hood.de so I bought it.”

The article is of course in German so I asked if she could send us a summary of the content. She did and I also translated it through Google Translate and added my own comments in the brackets.

Title: Daktari’s Paula is still entirely crazy about wild animals.

cheryl miller of daktari in march of 2012Page two, first paragraph talks about how Judy, the chimp was giving her a kiss on the mouth but  suddenly a leopard which was supposed to go after the chimp went after her and knocked her to the ground. It took three men to get the leopard off. The men stared at her with shocked looks to see if she had any injuries.

Second paragraph – She only had a few bruises but the attack scared the pants off of her. Another time she had to wrestle a crocodile with a a rubber knife underwater. The croc’s mouth was wired shut and she had to do wrestle it three times which was not fun. (Note: this was for the episode “Terror in the Bush” which I wrote about in the last post. There is a picture of her wrestling with the crocodile.)

cheryl miller of daktari with giraffe in march 2012Third paragraph talks about how much Clarence liked her.

Fourth paragraph – Cheryl says her time on Daktari was wonderful compared to what came after, a soap opera and a couple of mediocre films. Eventually she gave up acting altogether. She had saved up enough money to start a family. She didn’t want her son and stepsons to think their mother was anything special. [She has a son Eric, 31, and two stepsons, Ronn, 45, and Rob, 43.]

cheryl miller of daktari march 2012 in AZ homeFifth paragraph – she didn’t have much luck with love. Her first marriage started to fall apart after two months and a second marriage only lasted a few years. Finally in 1987 she found the man of her dreams, Robert Kasselmann. They were married about 20 years. Seven years ago he died of a rare, incurable heart disease.

Last paragraph– talks about how she works for the diocese [Diocese of Tucson] with terminally ill children which she says is very hard, yet fulfilling. She has many friends with whom she goes to the theatre. Sports play a large role in her life as well. She participated in the senior Olympics (she and her group, the Pebblecreek Panthers took the silver in the Bocce). She shoots bow and arrow, swims and cross country skis. And there is still always the wild animals. The time she spent on Daktari seems like only yesterday.

Cheryl is featured in the Pepplecreek Press displaying her medal with her teammates.

Cheryl is featured in the Pepplecreek Press displaying her medal with her teammates.

My thanks again to “Cheryl” for all this wonderful information! It sounds like Cheryl Miller Kasselmann is leading a happy and fulfilling life.

Here is the spread. If you would like the full size scan of the article, email me at daktartvshow@gmail.com and I’ll send it to you.

Freizeit Revue March 2013, first page

Freizeit Revue March 2013, first page

Freizeit Revue article on Cheryl Miller, page 2

Freizeit Revue article on Cheryl Miller, page 2

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10 comments on “Cheryl Miller today

  1. Great that people love the animals! Pass it on and on and on.Thanks!

  2. I absolutely loved the show! It was a childhood dream and adventure!

  3. i was so in love/lust with cheryl. she is da bomb!

  4. I love Daktari

  5. Hi: This is for Cheryl Miller when she was on Daktari: When you were pulling the tiger’s tail, were you scared he could turn on you or did you have 100% confidence in the trainer? I would have been so, so scared.

    By the way, happy birthday.

    Daktari was one of my dad’s favorite shows as well as mine.

    You are still as beautiful as ever Cheryl.


  6. Dearest Cheryl, i was and am still a Huge fan of Daktari i want to give you my condolences on the passing of Marshall Thompson and ALL the cast members no longer w us i loved THEM all I’m so pleased to meet you w Love Patti Robinson

  7. Great to see you active after all these years since 1959 when I you and Rosemary dropped me off at the Greyhound bus terminal on my way back to NY. It was a wonderful 4 months

  8. Happy Birthday Cheryl

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