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A sampling of Cheryl Miller’s television appearances in the 1960’s

When I set out to recreate my Cheryl Miller scrapbook, my vision was small. Just replace my pictures. I probably now have twice as many pictures as I ever had with my scrapbook, having replaced several treasured ones, and acquiring many more new photos.

As a kid I I wished I had been able to see Cheryl in some of her other television appearances. Thanks to readers Ken and Walter, I’ve been able to see many of them and now I will share them with you!

Here are some rare videos from some of Cheryl’s guest starring roles on classic 1960’s sitcoms:

Leave it To Beaver

as Helen in “The Party Spoiler” (1962) (episode available on Netflix)

Perry Mason

as First Girl in “The Case of the Lurid Letter” (1962)

My Three Sons

as Georgina Williams in “Never Look Back” (1964)

Be sure and check out the new Daktari Fan Site YouTube channel for more videos!

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