Rare article on Cheryl Miller with first husband Stanley Shapiro; 1969 article on Ivan Tors

Good friend Walter shared this German article about Cheryl Miller from 1969 that he acquired from Ebay. It shows Cheryl with a short haircut, something apparently she had wanted for quite some time. She looks adorable:

german article cheryl miller and stanley shapiro

Walter was kind enough to provide a summary of the article:

  • The headline reads, “Paula’s lion is now Stanley”
  • In the article Cheryl talks about the ending of Daktari and how she is now spending time with her husband. She misses the animals of Daktari and is very sad that Clarence had died. Judy always stole candy bars from Cheryl’s dressing room but she misses the chimp and wants to visit Judy some time.
  • She plans on going with her husband on safari in Africa and will shoot the animals only with her camera.
The text under the pictures reads as follows :
  • Cheryl is a excellent cook,  spaghetti invitations for 10 people she is good at
  • Cheryl loves flowers, but her scotch terrier dog Artemis had ruined the flowers
  • Cheryl with short hair, she waited three years in Daktari to got rid of her long hair.
Walter also sent this great acquisition from Ebay:
640 Ebay magazine 1969_1 Ivan Tors Daktari640 Ebay magazine 1969_2 Ivan Tors Daktari
Many thanks to Walter for sharing this. You readers make this site!

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8 comments on “Rare article on Cheryl Miller with first husband Stanley Shapiro; 1969 article on Ivan Tors

  1. Thanks so much to you and Walter for both articles! Cheryl looks gorgeous as always.in the first one ^^

  2. Hey, chack out the 3rd picture… Is that Yale and Cheryl? Soo cute 🙂

  3. Can I ask for a little help? Would somebody be so sweet to post what is written in the english articles? Thank you very much!

  4. Oh, ok thanks. So the last photo posted, you see, pics of Judy, Jenny, Toto and so. And round them is some script, what I couldn’t made readable. That’s what I’m interester in. 🙂 If you could help me.

  5. Left hand side of the page:

    Erin and Judy:
    8-year-old TV actress Erin Moran numbers Judy among her “best friends.”

    Right hand side of the page:

    Erin with Judy and Clarence:
    Judy loves a good story, but Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion would rather sleep.

    Erin with baby skunks:
    Erin finds these baby skunks adorable in spite of their full-power scent.

    Judy and Toto:
    Judy gives some advice on acting to a new “starlet,” Toto.

  6. Thank you once more 🙂

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