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Daktari Stars: The Next Generation – Meet Cheryl Miller’s son, magician and conceptual artist

I am pleased to present this article about Cheryl Miller and her son Erik Seidenglanz by our Australian friend Ken Lynch (he wrote the Episode Guides for this site). He has a vast knowledge of Daktari (as many of you do, far more than me!) that he is happy to share with our readers. That’s what this site is about. If you have something you would like to contribute, write to me at daktaritvshow@gmail.com and let’s talk!

The Proud Mother

While this website is devoted to Daktari and its stars, it is interesting to note that their legacy is being continued by their children.

Cheryl Miller in her 60's as beautiful as ever.

Cheryl Miller in her 60’s as beautiful as ever.

This article focuses on one of our favourite Daktari stars Cheryl Miller and her son Erik Seidenglanz (she also has two other step-children).


Cheryl gave birth to Erik on 7 October 1980 (over 10 years after her time on Daktari) and she has obviously been a proud and devoted Mum since that time.

Erik’s Passion for Magic

From an early age, Erik had an exceptional passion for magic. At 12, he was one of the youngest people accepted into Hollywood’s Magic Castle junior program.

Erik’s magic talent was recognized when he performed at a White House luncheon attended by Vice President Al Gore in 1993.

Erik Seidenglanz was accepted into the Magic Castle's junior program at age 12 from douglasleferovich.com

Erik Seidenglanz was accepted into the Magic Castle’s junior program at age 12
from douglasleferovich.com

Around that time, he did magic shows for his friends and neighbours on a street corner. Cheryl was a proud Mum and even “went up with him and parked myself across the street on the bus stop bench watching, the protective mother.” She also said his passion for magic had increased his attention for detail in school, but she admitted it also distracted at times.


Cheryl was still driving him from performance to performance in the 1990s, but usually stayed out of sight when he worked a room. “This is the time to go from boy to man without Mommy around,” Cheryl said. “Every kid wants to be good at something, find their niche. This is his niche.”


Erik as a Conceptual Artist

As time moved on and Erik grew older, his passions expanded. He is now better known as a conceptual artist with a particular emphasis on photography and music.

Despite his own success, Erik does not shy away from acknowledging his family connection with Cheryl in his work.

A particular example is the inclusion of these photographs of Cheryl in an exhibition he did on old time Americana’s school girl images.

cheryl miller's son erik seidenglanz


The link between Erik’s interest in music and his family is evidenced by the fact that Cheryl’s house was reportedly used for 28 days in 2010 to record (as yet unreleased) music tracks.


The most interesting link with Cheryl can be viewed in a recent video recording of Erik working on a musical piece where a picture of Cheryl can be clearly seen on the wall behind him.

We wish him continued success in all of his chosen fields of interest!

Other Daktari stars’ children?

Researching this article has prompted thoughts about the achievements of other children of the Daktari stars.

Biographical information on the late Marshall Thompson indicates that he had a daughter Janet (who now compiles the very well presented official Marshall Thompson website http://www.marshall-thompson.com/ ). The late Yale Summers was survived by two children, son Jordan and daughter Jolie. There is no record of either the late Hari Rhodes or Hedley Mattingly having had any children.

If any of our readers have any information about this Next Generation of the Daktari stars, it would be nice to hear from you!

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