Daktari Season 3 DVD Review

daktaritvshow.wordpress.com Daktari The Complete ThirdSeason2For those of you on the fence as to the purchase of Season 3 of Daktari, here is a lengthy review from DVD Talk that could change your mind:

Review by Paul Mavis | posted September 20, 2014

The natives are getting restless…. Warner Bros.’ Archive Collection of hard-to-find library and cult titles has released Daktari: The Complete Third Season, a 6-disc, 28-episode collection of the CBS family adventure’s 1967-1968 season. Produced by the legendary Ivan Tors, and starring Marshall Thompson, Cheryl Miller, Yale Summers, Hari Rhodes, Hedley Mattingly, Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion himself, and Judy and Toto the Chimpanzees, Daktari may be simplistic and juvenile at times (okay: at all times…), but it’s not insulting to a child’s (or your) intelligence: it knows it’s a kid show but it doesn’t talk down to them (or you). It’s also–as one would expect from Tors–expertly produced, action-packed (but non-violent) family fare that will appeal best to the smaller small fry, particularly when delightful hambone Judy is on-screen…which is every 30 seconds, it seems. No extras for these nice fullscreen color transfers.

Read the rest of the review here.

Here’s some pictures from the third season:


2 comments on “Daktari Season 3 DVD Review

  1. Thanks a lot for the post! For some reason, one of the episodes I remember the most is The Return of Albert and Ethel. Probably because I was fangirling about the scenes with Paula and Jack. I think Albert and/or Ethel were running through some flowers that Paula was taking care of and she got annoyed by that ^^

  2. Hee hee, yeah, that was a good episode. 🙂

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