Happy Birthday, Cheryl Miller!

Born February 4, 1943. Check out Wikipedia which has links to a couple of articles about her son Eric at 14 when he was an emerging magician.

In the meantime, check out these lovely photos from the Golden Globes (Getty Images):


5 comments on “Happy Birthday, Cheryl Miller!

  1. Happy birthday Cheryl, you were my first big crush on TV, I was and am a Daktari fan.
    I wish you would offer autographed pics of yourself, when Daktari was on I wrote you, amd Marsh, I got a prized auto graphed photo of Marsh, would love one of you.

  2. Dear Cheryl, happy birthday !

  3. Congratulations, and Happy New Year for “Paula ” !!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Cheryl! 😀

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERYL, you were my first big crush on TV, Daktari was my number one show. Write a short book about your time on Daktari, we would love it. Or make autographed photos available, I sent for one back when the show was on, I got one of Marsh, wished I could have got one from you.

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