Rare photos of Marshall Thompson from a sci-fi thriller

I received a delightful email from Michael, a Daktari fan in England who has a connection with Marshall Thompson. He writes,

“Hello from London England

As 60’s child I was (like millions of others) a huge fan of Daktari… what I didn’t know then but discovered recently whilst researching my grandfather’s biography was that he starred alongside Marshall Thompson in the Sci-Fi thriller “First Man Into Space” – Carl Heinz Jaffé was Dr. Paul Von Essen.

Here is a rare film PR still from my private collection:

(it looks similar to others widely available; many of which I have too; but THIS one you won’t find; notice please the authentic studio picture code in the bottom RH corner). The chap in the white lab coat is Jaffé/Von Essen…”
first man into space-1
And here is a second still from Michael:
First Man Into Space PR 1959My thanks to Michael for providing these stills.

Who among you has seen this film?
Tell us about it!

You, the fans, keep this blog (and Daktari) alive and well!

6 comments on “Rare photos of Marshall Thompson from a sci-fi thriller

  1. Thanks a lot to you and Michael!
    I never heard of that movie to be honest but he looks very fine in those pics! 😀

  2. Hello Gaby; well thank you for the generous comment; yes indeed grandfather was a handsome guy; even more dapper in younger years! – I have sent Susan an amusing picture that illustrates this that you can have a laugh too at my expense if she approves to post or if not she has my permission to mail you directly…
    Michael Jaffé

  3. I was read a interview with Elizabeth Taylor, in which she said Marshall Thompson was the first boy she kissed. It bet Marsh remember that kiss?

  4. Really? Yes, I bet he did!!

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