Daktari The Complete Fourth Season is ready for pre-order from Warner Bros.!

It’s here! Thanks to the watchful eyes of our friend Walter, we can now order Season Four of Daktari and complete our collections.

Here’s where you can order:

daktari fourth seasonDaktari The Complete Fourth Season

Available for pre-order for $28.39 on the
Warners Archive site

Be sure and check out the Season Four Episode Guide here.

Here are the opening credits with new cast members Ross Hagen and Erin Morin (and sadly missing Yale Summers)

Daktari must be selling well on the Warner Bros. site as they only released Season Three last year.

Long live Daktari!

4 comments on “Daktari The Complete Fourth Season is ready for pre-order from Warner Bros.!

  1. Oh good news! I’m happy about it! This means the series is doing good and every fan can have the whole series at home! 😀
    PS: Though if I have to be honest, I am not particularly fond of season 4, I don’t know, it feels too serious and not so charming but maybe that’s me. I missed Yale too.

  2. Nope, you’re not the only one! I thought Season Four was boring. 🙂

    • Ah I’m kinda relieved to see I am not alone in this! ^^
      Btw I was browsing the site and didn’t realize there was a pic of you at 11, awww that was a cute pic indeed! 😀

      • Aww you’re sweet! And hey, the show was great in its heyday, we can be glad of at least two great seasons (I was not a big fan of 3 or 4 – for one thing, they made Paula look so plain with that severe hair style :-)) And then in season 4 she becomes a glamor queen! 🙂

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