A Season 4 episode question: “Princess Paula”

One of our readers poses this question; do you know the answer?

I watched the fourth season episode “the runways” and at 20:00m Cheryl is dressed like a princess in front of the mirror. Do you know why, because this is the only scene in this episode with her dressed like this?

Leave your answer in the comments section.

season 4 montage-640


4 comments on “A Season 4 episode question: “Princess Paula”

  1. In the photos above how many spot the third photo bottom row, the Skipper Alan Hale Jr. ? He played a man who tries to start a “shoot Farm” next to the animal preserve.

  2. Oh yes, I saw that when I put the photo in! 🙂

  3. I had a look at the clip mentioned in Walter’s question. From my viewing, I don’t think she’s dressed like a princess at all, rather she is sitting in her dressing gown putting her hair in rollers. Many might agree that Cheryl really was a “princess”, but not in this scene I’m afraid!

  4. Ken, thank you for your answer. I thought Paula’s dressing had something to do with Toto, also dressed to go to the orphanage with miss Pearce. But on the other hand that would be the next day and Paula was staying at the compound. So you might be right Ken.

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