Awww! Jack and Paula … if only …


5 comments on “Awww! Jack and Paula … if only …

  1. Inolvidables recuerdos ! Thank you Susan…

  2. OMG thanks so much for this post! Jack and Paula were like one of my first OTPs without knowing what an OTP was at that time! I loved them, I think they had awesome chemistry and it was so fun seeing them argue and so cute when they were in a sweeter situation! They also look so good together! I remember I was frustrated when he didn’t appear in the last season so I had a headcanon that after a while, he returned to Wameru to provide the knowledge gained during the time he was back in USA and finally, after some obstacles (I love a bit of angst too heh) he got together with her ^^

  3. That would have been great! Too bad they shied away from the romance, catering to the kiddie crowd.

  4. Awww, it’s sooo cute! I really love them together, and just as Gaby, I made my own final part, in which the two got married. But of course just after some adventures! 😉
    Thank you for the video!

  5. You guys should have been the writers!

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