Happy 50th Anniversary, Daktari!

On Tuesday, January 11, 1966, Daktari premiered on CBS-TV at 7:30 pm. The first episode was “The Elephant Thieves.”

Happy 50th Anniversary, Daktari!

combined cast2

combined cast1

Check out all the episodes here in our extensive and detailed episode guide.

What are your favorite episodes?

 Mine are:
Season One: Return of the Killer (Parts One and Two–this is the episode that introduced me to Daktari), Wall of Flames (Parts One and Two)
Season Two: Return of Clarence, Cry for Help, House of Lions, Countdown for Paula, Terror in the Bush (#1 favorite), A Bullet for Hedley



14 comments on “Happy 50th Anniversary, Daktari!

  1. The continuing 50 year legacy of our favourite TV show has been greatly assisted by you and the many contributors to this website. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow I can’t believe it, Happy Birthday to Daktari! I remember watching it in the late 70’s early 80’s in the reruns. So long ago!
    I haven’t watched the episodes since then, and I can’t buy the dvds since customs laws here are very strict and a pain in the neck, but even if I can’t name my favorites for lack of memory heh, I can cite scenes that I remember:
    Paula getting mad because her flowers were ruined by Ethel and Albert (lol); Paula and Jack and a huge fire; Prince the beautiful dog having an ep; another with the tiger (I am not sure but I think one of them or both were in danger or someone wanted to sacrifice them); Jack being jealous because Paula seemed to get along with a guy; a woman that seemed to flirt or get too along with Marsh; the almost kiss between Paula and Jack; Mike being always gentle and low profile; Hedley on the ship with his awesome moustache 😀

    Thanks for the post!

    • Gaby, you have an amazing memory! How I wish you could have the DVDs. Could someone send them to you as a gift? Warner Bros. also has a subscription service where you can watch the episodes online.

      • Unfortunately, even if it’s a gift, if it’s sent from abroad, I would have to follow a troublesome process online, pay for it and then wait like 3 hours (or more, my aunt was 4 hours to get a package sent by her daughter) and it’s only in the morning at one specific place (no branches or such). The only way would be for someone to give it in my hands lol. But oh I didn’t know about that subscription service! I will take a look at it, thanks for your sweet message 😀

      • Good luck, let us know if it works for you.

  3. Parece mentira ! 50 años de Daktari y sigue siempre vigente en buena parte gracias a Ustedes. Un sin número de capítulos son mis preferidos pero uno dende aparecía la jirafa Twinga o algo así era su nombre, cuya pata estaba muy mal y necesitaba curaciones que le proporcionaron luego es mi preferida ! Muchas gracias !!!

  4. Happy 50th Anniversary Daktari. The show is sadly missed even now. I miss the lead star Marshall Thompson.

  5. Happy anniversary DAKTARI! 🙂

  6. Happy 50th birthday to Daktari ! I was very young when I first saw Daktari on the dutch and german TV. I remember watching the show on a small black/white TV set, the cross eyed view of Clarence, Judy and the actors. And being afraid of the wild animals when they were trapped in a pit and attacking other people in it. So watching the DVDs again brought back those memories and many more funny moments like Judy wearing a wig. Probaly because I had to laugh about it very much all those years ago. The series is unique and stands the test of time…. only nowadays they would use a handsfee set to drive and talk on a walky talky the same time…..Just kidding, I love the show !.

    • I agree, I think it stands the test of time. Lots of good messages in the show. The main critique is the pacing – even as a kid I thought the pacing was too slow. But the animals are really cute and I love all the people in the series.

  7. Thanks, I look forward to each and every post, they make my day.

    Jesse Stewart


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