The ultimate collector’s item!

Got $4K? Check this out!

bag owned by cheryl miller2

Here’s the description:

bag owned by cheryl miller3

“This is an authentic original handbag made by French designer Vipiana Celine. Bought in Italy in 1964 when Celine first opened a leather factory in Italy producing the iconic Celine Box Bag. This purse belonged to the famous actress Cheryl Miller, celebrity of Daktari, Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion, Mountain Man. The beautiful Cheryl Miller, known for being the caretaker of the MGM lion, Clarence, Dodge Girl, model, musician, and artist, has an extraordinary taste for fashion.

The purse is part of a larger collection of original pieces bought and worn by Cheryl Lynn Miller during the era between 1964 to 1989.  Each article emanates from the Ateliers of France and Italy, and will include an autographed 8×10 portrait photograph, a note with a few words by the artist sharing her story from her adventures, and a Certification of Authenticity and Gratitude for your purchase.”

bag owned by cheryl miller

<sigh> Wish I had $4K! 🙂 You can buy it on eBay.

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