Daktari “Bloopers” — maybe you’ve spotted some?

This could be a fun discussion — every show has bloopers — here’s some that Ken Lynch discovered.

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When television series were filmed in the 1960s, there was often little thought given to the potential for repeated viewings and the scrutiny that each episode could be subjected to.  At most, the show’s  producers could have expected a first screening on relatively small sized televisions and a limited
number of repeat screenings in syndication.

Since the 1960s, the advent of VHS video tapes, DVDs and big screen televisions has given fans an opportunity to watch their favourite shows over and over again.  More particularly, it is possible to see mistakes made during filming that were not obvious at the time and to freeze-frame individual sequences.

Daktari is not immune to this situation.  A recent viewing of early episodes has revealed at least one such ‘blooper’!

We all know that the majority of the outdoor scenes representing Wameru Reserve were filmed at ‘Africa USA’, a large area of open countryside located in Soledad Canyon about 40 miles north of Los Angeles.  Because animals freely roamed the area, there were obviously fences erected around the property.

Every effort was made by the Daktari producers to create an impression of the remoteness of the African bush by disguising these fences and overhead wires which provided power to the area.

“Leopards of Mdala Gorge”

However, in Episode 1.6 “Leopards of Mdala Gorge”, there are two sequences in which such evidence of civilization can clearly be seen. The storyline concerns a team of archaeologists who pitch their tents and establish a camp in Mdala Gorge, a supposedly very remote area of the Wameru Reserve.  Yet the following two pictures from this episode feature power poles and fences which are plainly visible!

Leopards 1

Leopards 2
“Maneater of Wameru”

Then in Episode 1.12 “Maneater of Wameru”, there are another two sequences containing ‘bloopers’. The storyline this time concerns a hostile tribe of poachers who attack Hedley in the middle of the isolated African bush.  The first of the two pictures below from this episode shows the vapour trail of a jetliner crossing the ‘Africa USA’ skyline behind the poachers!  The second shows a glimpse of a production light used to illuminate the filming of a sequence involving Clarence jumping from the back of Daktari’s truck.

Maneater 1

Maneater 2

Perhaps other readers of this website have spotted similar ‘bloopers’ while watching Daktari episodes on DVD?  It might be interesting to reveal just how many other mistakes slipped past the producers at the time!

15 comments on “Daktari “Bloopers” — maybe you’ve spotted some?

  1. I really like these “bloopers”. I’ve spotted the trail of the jet, and the post behind officer Hedley. 🙂
    Maybe a tip, what to check out: Paulas hairstyle, for example in the episode “The return of the killer.”

  2. I know what Anna means, there are scenes when Paula suddenly has a different hairstyle in another scene. I noticed that in the second season episode “the baby gorilla” and other episodes. And in the third season Paula is at Wameru leaving in the car without a hairband and when the car is in the bush she does wear it. I have to look what episode that was. But is a jetliner really a blooper. The story is in the modern times (at that time in the sixties) so a airplane could fly over Africa ?

  3. Yes, Walter is right. Most likely it depends on which scenes were done earlier, and which on an other day…
    And sometimes clothes return… One of the guests in Wameru (maybe it’s where Meadows first appeares… ) is wearing a coat, which -in later seasons- is iconic for Miss Tracy. 🙂

  4. LOL great post! The ones about power poles and production light were fun to see!
    And I wonder the ame as Walter, is the jetliner really a blooper?
    Sadly I can’t remember any blooper since I watched the eps long time ago!

  5. Conflicting storylines is always my pet peeve: First, you cannot have 2 male adult lions in the same area. Then, later you can and they get along ….. Daktari is still always enjoyable, but the conflicts really ruined “M.A.S.H.”.

  6. I have noticed a storyline blooper – I don’t think it’s only in the hungarian translation, but sadly I have no access to s4 in English. I should call this the tiger-confusion theory. 😀 (And notice how they always had a new bengal tiger out of the blue too 😉 )
    When Sarang (or sometimes Serang) is introduced in s1.e9., The Killer Dog, it’s said that SHE is pregnant, and if they cannot cure her depression, both her and her unborn cub will die. Not any more menitoning of her cub in any later episodes. Maybe it’s Sultan, or, if I were to set up a storiline it should be Serena, though the writers forgot this interlude of the cub as soon as possible. Later on, in Operation Springtime Paula constantly refers to Sarang as a he, even saying “you’re just as lazy as all the other men”. And whenever they call Sarang, they say he.
    And a real blooper in the tiger-theme: In s4e14 A Tigers Tale, Sarang is a boy again, indicating that he and the returning Serena are from the same litter. (If I’m not mistaken, they say Sarang is already grown, when they adopt her, but anyways, this can be settled) They show Bart recordings of the two playing around, with other animals. (I liked the idea that she got togerther with her lion friend!) As Marsh follows Serena into the bush, a not so well supervised shot ot the tigers hind makes it clear that the role of the tigresse is indeed played by a male… 😀 So, good job on that, I think the kids could pick that as well. And it’s not the only time they mix the genders. In one episode, the so said mother leopard also has… you know, male sex organs clearly visible. 😀

    • Hah, that’s a good one! I was trying to watch a season 3 episode on Daily Motion but it was too distracting hearing the Hungarian (interesting how popular Daktari still is around the world!). I’ll just have to break down and buy Seasons 3 and 4 even though I didn’t like those seasons. I hated how plain they made Cheryl Miller in Season 3 only to overly glam her up in Season 4. There is an episode in Season 2, don’t know the title, about I think a Sultan prince who came to visit Wameru and Cheryl looked lovely in that episode.

      • You know, it might be because both Ivan Tors and Andrew Marton has Hungarian origins. I agree, Paula is way too made up in s4… As for the episode ‘The Long Hunt’, she is gorgeous! And Jack is also funny, being jelous of the tourban… 😀
        Most of season 3 eps are available on Daily Motion, but you have to search for them likethis: Daktari S03 E13, for instance 😉

  7. And you’ll find episodes in English? And yes, Jack was green. 🙂

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