Did she or didn’t she?

Remember when I asked in the last post if Cheryl Miller had had some work done on her teeth? Walter just alerted me to two new pictures on eBay which I think settles the question in my mind.

First, here’s a cute picture of Cheryl with her iguanas, Herbie and Winifred:

cheryl miller with iguanas

This is from the same session that gave us this equally cute photo:

cheryl miller with her guitar-featured

These remind me of another one in the series where she is reading with her iguana. It used to be part of my original collection that got lost. Maybe that picture will show up again!

Here is the second photo–this is from the Golden Globes where she assisted in the presentation of the awards:

cheryl miller with sandra dee and bobby darin

Cheryl Miller with Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee

That’s when it caught my eye that a tooth had been worked on – check the side-by-side:

cheryl miller smile comparison1-horz

Funny how a single tooth can make such a difference. Cheryl always had a radiant smile but it is better with that tooth put in its place. 🙂


4 comments on “Did she or didn’t she?

  1. cheryls brother is the famed olymic gold medalist and dentist Gary Miller in LA

    • I do remember Gary being mentioned in stories about Cheryl. I tried googling him but couldn’t find anything – can you tell me what his particular sport was and which Olympics he competed in and won the gold? Is there a picture? I’d love to share that with everyone.

  2. hi i am her son, erik, I own that guitar now and use it everyday. I would like to find the person whom has this photo with her and guitar with the iguana. I know my moms photo collection my fiancé is her archivist and we don’t have this picture in our archive. any way. I personally want a copy of this image for my music studio as Its just so amazing and missing in our life to go with the guitar. I just spent 6 months visiting my mom and I inherited the guitar after she reluctantly saw how much I loved it. Can you put me in contact with the owner of this image and maybe I can get a scan for my self and I can share it with my mom. I know she would like to have a picture of this moment to recall this guitar that she gave up to me so recently and lovingly.

    Thank You Erik Seidenglanz

    • I got these pictures off of EBay a while ago and haven’t seen them on there since. The back of the photo that you see in the post shows who owns the photo — I would try them and see if you get anywhere. In the meantime I can email you what I do have.

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