Cheryl Miller 1966 “in great form for Daktari”

I was so pleased to see this picture on eBay — this was one of my favorites from my lost scrapbook. I remember my best friend wrapped the photo like a gift and hid it in a tree and led me on a delightful treasure hunt to find it. I was so thrilled and will always remember my childhood best friend for that. πŸ™‚




5 comments on “Cheryl Miller 1966 “in great form for Daktari”

  1. Ah so pretty and colorful! But sad to read that you lost your scrapbook, was that a long time ago?

    • It’s what made me start this site. I had over 100 photos and magazine articles I had put together as a kid just going to the local drugstore and going through magazines, plus sending away for glossies. It got destroyed by battery acid and I threw it away (boy I rue the day!). But since running this site, I have probably doubled or tripled the number of pix I’ve collected. There is one magazine article I’d still like to retrieve but I’ve gotten so many new ones (and videos too) from fans around the world. It’s super fun!

  2. I really love that monkey-jumper. So cute. Would you wear a similar one? I’d definately. πŸ™‚

  3. Cheryl is a dream woman for me

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