First glimpse of Cheryl Miller in “Mountain Man”

cheryl-miller-in-mountain-manBack in 1976, Cheryl Miller co-starred in a now hard-to-find movie titled “Mountain Man.” Also known as “Guardian of the Wilderness it stars Denver Pyle, Ken Berry, Donald Shanks and Cheryl. From imdb.com: “It is the supposedly true story of Galen Clark, the man who created Yosemite Park. In the twilight of his life and regretting that he hasn’t accomplished anything significant, Galen decides to travel out west to die in the wilderness. After spending some time in nature, however, he gets his spirits back and decides to make his home there, bringing his daughter and her family out with him. Together, they start a new life in the forest with their animal friends.”

Here is a clip from the movie — Cheryl makes a brief appearance at the 2:35 mark:

Thanks again to Walter, the “wonder man” — he finds so many great things! He wants to find the full-length version of the movie and I bet you he does! 🙂




5 comments on “First glimpse of Cheryl Miller in “Mountain Man”

  1. Thanks so much Walter and Susan! Like you, I have been looking online for this movie for some time but obviously missed this recent YouTube post.
    The quality of the clips suggest that there must be a good print of the complete film out there somewhere so the search continues!

  2. Thanks you Susan for these clips! I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

  3. IF you ever find it in english or german language, pls let me know. would be great

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