Cheryl Miller’s first TV appearance, and rare behind-the-scenes videos

My thanks to my Aussie friend Ken Lynch for these great finds!

Bachelor Father

Cheryl Miller’s first TV appearance was in 1957 on “Bachelor Father” starring John Forsythe. She was 14. She has a very small role — fast forward 20 minutes in to see her:

Here’s some screen caps from her appearance as “Nancy:”



Rare behind-the-scenes footage

Ken recently found a website called the Producers Library, an independent stock footage and video archive library.  A search for Daktari revealed a number of very interesting pieces of behind-the-scenes footage (with and without sound) featuring Marshall Thompson and lots of footage of the animals used in the TV series.


There are two particularly interesting clips of Marshall Thompson and the show’s producer talking to camera, plus the Studio 2 clip that opens with a view of Cheryl Miller’s dressing room door, followed by Yale Summers’ chair with his name on it.

The blond woman in the films is Toni Helfer, the first wife of Ralph Helfer.

You can download and save these clips to your own personal collection.




5 comments on “Cheryl Miller’s first TV appearance, and rare behind-the-scenes videos

  1. Thanks so much Susan !

  2. Thanks Ken and Susan, great finds ! Looking for years to find behind the scenes material of Daktari.

      • Hi Susan,

        No news from Daktari lately. I’m still watching ebay but nothing new the last time. And next week I’m visiting the USA for about 5 day’s. I’m assisting with the installation of a Xray system in a hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina. Do you know that city ?

        Have a nice day Walter

        ________________________________ Van: Daktari TV Show Verzonden: zondag 15 januari 2017 02:32 Aan: listenup2us@hotmail.com Onderwerp: [New comment] Cheryl Miller’s first TV appearance, and rare behind-the-scenes videos

        susanwbailey commented: “Wonderful!”

      • I’ve never been to Raleigh though as a family we drove down to Florida from Massachusetts. Too bad you’re not coming to New England, what fun it would be to meet!

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