RIP Erin Moran

I was so sorry to hear of Erin Moran’s untimely demise. Here is a tribute to the cute little girl who was loved by man’s best friends, and all her friends on Daktari and Happy Days. RIP Erin.

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7 comments on “RIP Erin Moran

  1. Erin: Always be in our memories ! RIP

  2. Oh my… I’m so sorry to hear that… but she was young, wasn’t she? 😥 I remember her very well, so small and cute, I did love her freckles a lot!
    Thanks a lot for the post and tribute, all my thoughts for her and the ones who loved her 😦

  3. Erin was a great actress. I Love watching her on Daktari and also on Happy Days. They were both great shows.

  4. I like many on this site loved Daktari, but in truth the last season did not live up the shows before it, the show no longer followed the lives of Daktari, Paula, and the other humans, animals in it, and in the last season Judy, Clarence were almost never shown, the show was all about the new kid, even though I was just 13 I could see the show was doomed, it had lost the shows focus on the wonderful animals, and the their human friends, it was all about the little girl, Paula was shoved into the background, as were others. once I saw Morgan on a talk show she called Daktari-a jungle show and just shrugged it off as it were nothing to her, truth be told her role on the show plus B film actor Ross Hagen doomed the show.

  5. True, but still … it is too bad she died so young.

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