Have a story to share? Now featuring Daktari Fan Fiction!

Have you written stories about Daktari where you’ve imagined yourself as part of the action? Several of our readers have done so and I am happy to post such stories on this site.

Here are some simple guidelines:

  1. Stories should run between 600 and 1000 words. I cannot accept longer stories but will consider serializing longer stories if I believe they will be of interest to my readers.
  2. Contact me at daktaritvshow@gmail.com with an initial inquiry and a summary of your story. DO NOT send any unsolicited stories as they will not be read. If I believe the story will interest our readers, I will request that you send me the story.
  3. Once I have decided I want to run a story, please submit it as an attached Microsoft Word file. Do NOT put in any extra returns (but you can add points between paragraphs). Please do not format the text in any way (no indents, headers, etc.). Please do NOT use a double space at the end of a sentence.
  4. Before sending, check carefully for correct spelling and grammar.
  5. People are likely to comment on your story–please be prepared for that.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing your stories!


4 comments on “Have a story to share? Now featuring Daktari Fan Fiction!

  1. Cheryl and I went steady my senior year of high school…a VERY classy lady !!!!! Fred Feuerhake

  2. I watched Daktari every time it came ON i loved this show SO much i used to have a album of one of the episodes but unfortunately i lost it years ago i wish i could get another copy of it also i had the trading cards and lost THEM to SO if anyone knows where i can get them please let me know, email me: patrobinson653@gmail.com

  3. Hi Susan,
    would you like a drowing here? 🙂 quite a childish one, but I tried my best with it…

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