Marshall Thompson interview

Here is a nice piece on Marshall Thompson and how the animals were the stars of the show. His quiet and steady presence was too. His creative input into Season 2 made it by far the best season and I wish the higher-ups at CBS had followed his lead better. Thompson really cared about the content of the show and making the lives of animals better.

Thanks to our friend Walter for finding this:



8 comments on “Marshall Thompson interview

  1. Cheryl Miller and I “went steady” in my senior year at Van Nuys High School (1959)
    We both moved on and I went to USC. I live in CT.
    I’d love to connect with her as I’m curious how her life has been.
    If she wants to, my email is: fwfweston@yahoo.com

  2. when I was 12 I sent Marshall Thompson a fan letter. he mailed me back a autographed photo of he and Judy, in a envelope from Ivan Tores studios, I still have it today in my Daktari Collection, thanks for posting the interview it makes my day when I get Daktari mail. Jesse Stewart

  3. Oh how wonderful! If you email me a picture of the autographed photo, I can post it on the blog — everybody would love to see that. Just write me at daktaritvshow@gmail.com if you want to send me a picture. What other things do you have in your collection?

    • I was Daktari crazy I collected everything I could, I am also a Tarzan collector, you can quess the two shows I never missed back then, but I got the Daktari play set for Christmas, the Daktari comics there were only 4, Daktari Coloring book, Daktari Paper back with photos from the show, the Daktari big little book, and of course I had a Daktari scrap book and got every magazine that had a Daktari article like TV guides, Jack and Jill Magazine had a great article with full color photos (every now and then I see it for sale on ebay, ) I will email a pic of the autographed photo. And I collected any photos of Cheryl Miller I had the biggest crush on her.

      • Oh my gosh, you sound just like me! I got the coloring book and the Big Little book (both since lost) all the TV guide stuff, magazines, etc. I remember well that Jack and Jill article; did you ever see the article in Cat Fancy about Cheryl? Fabulous. I used to send away for glossy photos; made getting the mail real fun. I posted my scrapbook online that I just found over the summer, thinking it had been lost. I digitized so that it can never get lost again. Check it out here: https://daktaritvshow.wordpress.com/my-cheryl-miller-scrapbook/

  4. Thanks a lot to you and Walter! I died when I read about Marshall and Judy being such good friends, and that she was so sweet, it was adorable!!!

  5. I love Daktari and always will the stars always made me feel like I was there on the set with them thank you all and to Cheryl Miller i always felt like your sister still do Thanks for the love, Patricia

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