Own a personal note written by Cheryl Miller!

Got to admit, I am tempted … this is an amazing keepsake:

This is a thank you note to a friend of Cheryl’s who had attended her wedding  where she married Stan Shapiro:

Incidentally, the “long period of recovery” Cheryl refers to is the healing of a broken leg which happened during the couple’s honeymoon.

Thanks again to our friend Walter who never stops monitoring Ebay! Here’s the link if you want to add this to your collection:






7 comments on “Own a personal note written by Cheryl Miller!

  1. Hi, I’m a die hard Daktari fan i love all the stars of Daktari and Cheryl Miller is my favorite i used to pretend i was her. Forever a fan. Sincerely yours, Patricia Robinson

  2. Hi there and welcome! I was 11 when I fell hard for Daktari and as you can see from my picture on the About page, I dressed like Cheryl. I painted my nails because she had beautiful nails. I thought (and still think) she’s super cool.

  3. Hi there,it is very remarkable that you can get things from Cheryl over eBay.I can remember that there was once a handbag of her.I am a very great fan of her and loved Daktari during my childhood.I wish I could meet her one day.

  4. I remember that handbag; I was tempted by that too. 🙂

  5. I am Fred Feuerhake and Cheryl and I went “steady” the last semester of my H.S. senior year. She had invited me to her “New Years Eve “party” at her house. Went to my senior prom. I had a blue MG TD sports car (Christmas present). Curious how her life has gone…a “class act”. Can you pass this email on to her. Thanks and regards, Fred Feuerhake fwfweston@yahoo.com 203-984-7137 cell

  6. I don’t have any connection with Cheryl; this is just a fan site.

  7. Thanks a lot! I really love how the dress suits her! Pretty legs and she looks so bubbly! 😀

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