Daktari Annuals – Annual #1

English fans of Daktari were lucky! In Great Britain there were annuals published with pictures and stories about Daktari. Our friend Ken has these annuals and he is sharing them with us.

Here are pictures from the first annual. Click on the picture to see an enlargement.

9 comments on “Daktari Annuals – Annual #1

  1. Love the art! Thanks.

    Lou Varricchio

  2. Very pretty. Thanks !

  3. I have loved Daktari all my life since I watched it on Australian TV in black and white. Australia got colour TV in 1975 and it was great. I loved Daktari so much that I began to write stories and include myself in it. I am still writing about Daktari.

  4. I really hope, people after us, after our generation, who grew up with Daktari, will still honour the series. It´s messages at this time were great.

  5. I am of course a huge Daktari fan, I orded these books off of ebay to add them to my collection, the 4 Daktari comics by Dell can also be found there. Jesse

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