Susan Bailey blogger with noahThis Daktari TV Show Fan Site has been created and is maintained by a lifelong fan; my name is Susan Bailey.

I am passionate about my hobbies, love to write, enjoy graphic design and always have a song in my heart. My life is shaped by my Catholic faith and love of family, including my two cats, Jenny and Rameses.

I blog about Daktari and about the other big hobby passion, Louisa May Alcott. That blog is called Louisa May Alcott is My Passion. If you love Little Women and find the author’s life fascinating, be sure and check out this blog.

I also blog about my life and how I try live it in a single flow rather than in a series of compartments. That blog, Be As One, is an attempt to take all the parts of my life and integrate into one single flow, guided by my faith. Come and read about time spent indoors with family and friends and outdoors in God’s beautiful world. Learn about sacred spaces and quiet times in reflection. Enjoy funny tales of  cats or imagine yourself floating lazily downriver in a kayak. I share my art, my loves and my life. Come over for a visit.

Feel free to write me at susanwbailey@gmail.com if you have comments about this site. I’m always happy to talk with other fans!

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  1. I am very happy to see a modern well-presented website on one of my favourite shows (the only others I have found were Marshall Thompson’s own website http://www.marshall-thompson.com and another which I follow http://www.tv-nostalgie.de/Sound/Daktari.htm . I have collected material on DAKTARI for many years and have saved almost 1,000 B&W and colour pictures over the years which I would be happy to share with your site should you wish me too. I also have plenty of written material (like extensive notes on each episode). I look forward to seeing further comments and information appearing on your website in the future.

    • Sweet! That’s exactly what I was hoping for. I want the site to be a collaborative effort of fans to piece together the largest collection in a single place of Daktari pictures, articles, etc. As you can see, my favorite is Cheryl Miller and I tend to concentrate on her as there is more about her than any of the other cast members with the exception of Marshall Thompson. Contact me at daktaritvshow@gmail.com and let’s talk about your collection and what you’d like to add. I will, of course, give credit to all the material you want to submit.

      Every time I think about throwing away my old scrapbook I could just scream! But it was a total mess with the battery acid. Yet, if that hadn’t had happened, I wouldn’t be doing this! I also have to thank my brother-in-law and his wife for giving me the nudge. 🙂

  2. Do you know the lyrics to Clarence the cross eyed lion?

    • No, I had no idea there was a song. I’ve done a quick search on the internet but found nothing. I’ll have to pay attention to that the next time I watch the movie.

    • I am also unaware of any lyrics to the Daktari theme (unless you count the repeated use of the word in the Shelly Manne version of the theme). However, there was a novelty song about Clarence (using different music) on a LP record years ago. You can hear it on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZo1Gw-uMeA

      • Eesh, that song was terrible! 😀 But, there was a German promo of Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion on that same page in the list on the right and that was fun to see.

  3. HI, I was so happy to come across your website, as I’ve been a fan of this show since I was a child. It used to be shown here in the UK on Saturday mornings during the 1970’s – I was totally transfixed by it, being mad on animals, although the gorgeous Jack Dane probably helped as well! I too have collected some bits and pieces – photos and so on, which I would gladly share with your site. I have to agree that the series hasn’t dated so much – still good to watch even 40 plus years on!

  4. I think this is the site/person I emailed with some months ago. If so, I wrote of my having 2 publicity photos from “Daktari” which I wanted to send to you. Then I couldn’t find them. But . . .Merry Christmas! I accidentally found them today! The backstory: I was living and working at Africa USA in 1966 but not directly involved with the series. After I moved back to Ohio and wrote to a friend there, she added to one of her letters these two publicity pics.
    You probably have them, if other things you have here are any indication, but email me your snail mail address and I’ll get them to you right away.

  5. I would like to leave all Daktrai fans a message, CBS the net work that showed Daktari is now showing a new series called Zoo. That promotes the idea all animals, Zoo animals, pets, wild animals are killers, and should be killed in the most violent ways, I contacted CBS thru their CBS Feed Back web site, and I started a petion on 2cares for others to do the same. Zoo is the anti Daktari series, now children will think of all animals as killers that need to be killed. I guess murder, rape, torture of humans was not enough for them to show every night.

  6. Good grief, really? No wonder I don’t watch network TV anymore!

  7. hi I´m Silvia from Argentina, i would like write a Cheryl o perhaps you can send my mail elcarpathia@gmail.com. THANK YOU!! i am fan serie DAKTARI, when i was 6 years old.

    • Unfortunately there is no way to contact Cheryl.

      • I have the address of Cheryl. But I don’t know if she wants to be written by fans. I’ve been wanting to write to her for a long time, but I had no time until today. She now lives in Arizona under different name after her third marriage.

  8. New Video on youtobe about Cheryl Miller
    There are new photos of Cheryl Miller I haven’t seen before.
    Does anybody knows the music that is played in the background ?
    I would be interested if there is music by Cheryl, as there are a lot of pictures of her with a guitar in her hand.

    Thanks Ludwig

  9. Here are the credits of episode1 season1 in the german TV.
    Elefantendiebe ( elephant thieves ).

  10. In the credits of the very first episode of Daktari I noticed that the director is named as Otto Lang. I immediately noticed that this is a german name and I have investigated on the Internet. Otto Lang was born in Austria in 1908 and later went to the USA. He founded a ski school at Mount Rainier for Hollywood stars and was also a director in Hollywood. This is what I discovered :


    Interview in Salzburg (Austria)

    He directed 4 episodes of Daktari in Season 1
    Episodes 1,3,6,8

    Here is a german Wikipedia list with Daktari directors of all 89 episodes

    I hope that this informations give all Daktari fans more impressions

  11. Hi, I really enjoy this website. I remember seeing Cheryl Miller on an episode Beverly Hills 90210 back in 1994. I believe it was season 5 episode 4, just a small part, maybe 30 seconds long.

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