I found my Cheryl Miller scrapbook!

Recently while cleaning out the basement I found my Cheryl Miller scrapbook! I had been totally convinced that I had thrown it away because the cover had been covered with battery acid but thankfully I was wrong.

Now I am going to share it with you!

The book is quite disorganized as you will see — I was twelve when I assembled it and had no sense of order. 🙂 I plan however on restoring the book and organizing it better.

Giveaways coming!

I have many duplicates of some of the glossy photos and they are in good shape. Over the summer we’ll devise some contests so that you can enter for a chance to win a glossy photo of our girl! Stay tuned.

And now for the big reveal … click here to view my scrapbook.



RIP Erin Moran

I was so sorry to hear of Erin Moran’s untimely demise. Here is a tribute to the cute little girl who was loved by man’s best friends, and all her friends on Daktari and Happy Days. RIP Erin.

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Rarities! Two vintage promos and a spotting of the soundtrack album

So my brother-in-law who lives near LA sends me a text message with this picture:

He considered getting it for me but said the vinyl was in poor condition. <sigh!> This is one item I have wanted since I was a kid. Oh well. It’s a record store somewhere near LA if someone wants to find it. 🙂

Our friend Ken from Down Under sent these awesome vintage promos for Daktari. Do any of you remember these? I immediately recognized the episodes:







Cheryl Miller’s first TV appearance, and rare behind-the-scenes videos

My thanks to my Aussie friend Ken Lynch for these great finds!

Bachelor Father

Cheryl Miller’s first TV appearance was in 1957 on “Bachelor Father” starring John Forsythe. She was 14. She has a very small role — fast forward 20 minutes in to see her:

Here’s some screen caps from her appearance as “Nancy:”



Rare behind-the-scenes footage

Ken recently found a website called the Producers Library, an independent stock footage and video archive library.  A search for Daktari revealed a number of very interesting pieces of behind-the-scenes footage (with and without sound) featuring Marshall Thompson and lots of footage of the animals used in the TV series.


There are two particularly interesting clips of Marshall Thompson and the show’s producer talking to camera, plus the Studio 2 clip that opens with a view of Cheryl Miller’s dressing room door, followed by Yale Summers’ chair with his name on it.

The blond woman in the films is Toni Helfer, the first wife of Ralph Helfer.

You can download and save these clips to your own personal collection.




First glimpse of Cheryl Miller in “Mountain Man”

cheryl-miller-in-mountain-manBack in 1976, Cheryl Miller co-starred in a now hard-to-find movie titled “Mountain Man.” Also known as “Guardian of the Wilderness it stars Denver Pyle, Ken Berry, Donald Shanks and Cheryl. From imdb.com: “It is the supposedly true story of Galen Clark, the man who created Yosemite Park. In the twilight of his life and regretting that he hasn’t accomplished anything significant, Galen decides to travel out west to die in the wilderness. After spending some time in nature, however, he gets his spirits back and decides to make his home there, bringing his daughter and her family out with him. Together, they start a new life in the forest with their animal friends.”

Here is a clip from the movie — Cheryl makes a brief appearance at the 2:35 mark:

Thanks again to Walter, the “wonder man” — he finds so many great things! He wants to find the full-length version of the movie and I bet you he does! 🙂





Cheryl Miller 1966 “in great form for Daktari”

I was so pleased to see this picture on eBay — this was one of my favorites from my lost scrapbook. I remember my best friend wrapped the photo like a gift and hid it in a tree and led me on a delightful treasure hunt to find it. I was so thrilled and will always remember my childhood best friend for that. 🙂




You can watch Cheryl Miller now on Facebook

Thanks again to Walter for this find! You can see Cheryl Miller’s new page (under Cheryl Kasselman) here: https://www.facebook.com/cheryl.kasselmann.1?fref=ts

I do not have permission to post her picture here but you can see it on her Facebook page. It was taken by a fan at the July autograph show.

Welcome to Facebook Cheryl!