Daktari The Complete Fourth Season is ready for pre-order from Warner Bros.!

It’s here! Thanks to the watchful eyes of our friend Walter, we can now order Season Four of Daktari and complete our collections.

Here’s where you can order:

daktari fourth seasonDaktari The Complete Fourth Season

Available for pre-order for $28.39 on the
Warners Archive site

Be sure and check out the Season Four Episode Guide here.

Here are the opening credits with new cast members Ross Hagen and Erin Morin (and sadly missing Yale Summers)

Daktari must be selling well on the Warner Bros. site as they only released Season Three last year.

Long live Daktari!


Cheryl Miller as the Dodge Girl

As promised …


Cheryl Miller magazine covers; rare Bright Promise photos

Found these through my Google Alert – thought I’d share them with you!

cheryl spanish tv guide

cheryl pageant magazine

Our friend Walter alerted me to these slides taken when Cheryl played Samantha Pudding on the soap, “Bright Promise.” These are the only pictures to date found from the soap. Gotta love eBay!

cheryl on Bright Promise 1990's


Rare photos of Marshall Thompson from a sci-fi thriller

I received a delightful email from Michael, a Daktari fan in England who has a connection with Marshall Thompson. He writes,

“Hello from London England

As 60’s child I was (like millions of others) a huge fan of Daktari… what I didn’t know then but discovered recently whilst researching my grandfather’s biography was that he starred alongside Marshall Thompson in the Sci-Fi thriller “First Man Into Space” – Carl Heinz Jaffé was Dr. Paul Von Essen.

Here is a rare film PR still from my private collection:

(it looks similar to others widely available; many of which I have too; but THIS one you won’t find; notice please the authentic studio picture code in the bottom RH corner). The chap in the white lab coat is Jaffé/Von Essen…”
first man into space-1
And here is a second still from Michael:
First Man Into Space PR 1959My thanks to Michael for providing these stills.

Who among you has seen this film?
Tell us about it!

You, the fans, keep this blog (and Daktari) alive and well!

Another great find on eBay – Cheryl Miller, Deb Star 1966

eBay is definitely the place to go for Daktari memorabilia. Something new shows up each week. Here is something Walter found:

Cheryl Miller Hollywood Deb Star Ball (1966)

Click here if you want to find out more about this item.



Happy Birthday, Cheryl Miller!

Born February 4, 1943. Check out Wikipedia which has links to a couple of articles about her son Eric at 14 when he was an emerging magician.

In the meantime, check out these lovely photos from the Golden Globes (Getty Images):


Cheryl Miller’s wedding day album circa 1969

In 1969, Cheryl Miller married Stan Shapiro, a stock broker. One of our faithful readers, Walter, found this wonderful set of photos from the wedding on eBay:

wedding to stan shapiro

wedding to stan shapiro closeup1

wedding to stan shapiro closeup3

wedding to stan shapiro closeup2

wedding to stan shapiro closeup4

This item is still for sale on eBay if you want to add it to your collection.

Thanks Walter for a great find!


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