Tons of new YouTube videos on Daktari — wait until you see!

YouTube has had scant few videos related to Daktari but the release of all four seasons on DVD has certainly changed things. I did a random search yesterday and came up with a ton of stuff!

First, this gem:

The Legend of Ivan Tors

This is an hour-long documentary — I didn’t even know it existed. Eagerly looking forward to this:

Here’s a trailer to Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion:

And here’s an adorable tribute to Jack and Paula:

(I think I may have posted this before, but it’s worth posting again.)

This is just a sampling. There are several lists on YouTube with much to see:

YouTube lists

Popular Daktari and Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion Videos (13 videos — this one includes a trailer for “The Man from Clover Grove”)

Popular Videos – Daktari (200 videos)

Ken discovered a playlist that features (to date) 11 of the 33 episodes of Angel in which Marshall Thompson starred in 1960-61:


Annie Fargé and Marshall Thompson www.marshall-thompson.com

Annie Fargé and Marshall Thompson www.marshall-thompson.com

Angel was about a young scatterbrained Frenchwoman, Angelique “Angel” Smith, played by Annie Fargé, who comes to the US and marries a young architect, John Smith, portrayed by Thompson.



Cheryl Miller to appear July 9 and 10 at The Hollywood Show in LA

UPDATE: One of our readers, Susan, got a chance to go to the show. She graciously shared her pictures with us:

autograph show composite july 2016

She described her meeting with Cheryl:

She is beautiful inside and out. She took all the time to talk to us very sweet. We got the v.i.p package and that includes a 8×10 professional picture. She was very gracious and took that picture of us:  me, my daughter and granddaughter. My daughter ask if she could take a cell picture of me and her, she said yes, I was in front of her table and she was behind her table and she said, “We are going do this right” and she came way around the tables and took a picture next to me and my granddaughter. How nice was that. She was also very gracious in signed a pictures for my granddaughter and me. She is extremely nice and very pretty.

Thank you Susan! We are all very envious! 🙂


The Hollywood Show is the largest autograph show in the country. According to their website, over 80 stars will be at the show for photo ops and autograph signing.

Cheryl Miller was there in 2015 and will be returning this year:

00 cheryl miller at the hollywood show

I am told by a source who saw her last year that she still looks as lovely as ever even as she celebrated her 73rd birthday this year.

cheryl miller of daktari today

This source, by the way, recently commented on a previous post, The Story of Africa, U.S.A.–she was an assistant director on Daktari and recalled some great stories. I’m encouraging her to share more. Check out her comments on that post for a fascinating inside look–her name is Lynn Guthrie. She has worked on many shows including The Waltons.

My brother-in-law collects autographs and goes to The Hollywood Show all the time–I texted him last night and asked that if he was going, if he could stand in for me and get a picture and an autograph. Unfortunately he and his wife are moving during that time so it may not happen this year. But who knows?? 🙂

Maybe some of you can go and do the same!

Check out The Hollywood Show’s Facebook page (that’s where I got the picture).





Great color shots of Cheryl Miller from TV magazines available on eBay

So excited! Someone recently posted a slew of old TV Magazines that ran with the Sunday papers. They featured Cheryl regularly. I was able to retrieve several photos I had lost with my poor scrapbook! Check it out on ebay:


Rare photos of Cheryl Miller being offered for sale–you truly have not seen these!

I was recently contacted by Eric Seidenglanz (Cheryl’s son) informing me of a rare collection of photos being offered for sale.  He is currently putting together a book of tribute to Cheryl Miller (who fully supports the effort, happy “keep the Daktari dreams alive.”).

There is the possibility of a film being made in the future with Cheryl revisiting her role as Paula Tracy–nothing solid yet but we’ll keep on top of it.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these fabulous photos! I collected over one hundred in my original scrapbook (now sadly gone) and have since probably quadrupled that amount collecting online pictures. I only spotted three familiar pictures out of the sixty-seven displayed. The pictures cover the span of her career from the early 1960s to the 1980s.

I’m just going to post a few as a tease – you have to take a look for yourself:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Find all sixty-seven photos here: http://elleicons.tictail.com/products/prints/cheryl-miller


Did she or didn’t she?

Remember when I asked in the last post if Cheryl Miller had had some work done on her teeth? Walter just alerted me to two new pictures on eBay which I think settles the question in my mind.

First, here’s a cute picture of Cheryl with her iguanas, Herbie and Winifred:

cheryl miller with iguanas

This is from the same session that gave us this equally cute photo:

cheryl miller with her guitar-featured

These remind me of another one in the series where she is reading with her iguana. It used to be part of my original collection that got lost. Maybe that picture will show up again!

Here is the second photo–this is from the Golden Globes where she assisted in the presentation of the awards:

cheryl miller with sandra dee and bobby darin

Cheryl Miller with Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee

That’s when it caught my eye that a tooth had been worked on – check the side-by-side:

cheryl miller smile comparison1-horz

Funny how a single tooth can make such a difference. Cheryl always had a radiant smile but it is better with that tooth put in its place. 🙂


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Cheryl Miller, deb star, just before Daktari, at a movie premiere

Really cute picture from our friend Walter (thanks again!). I am guessing this is just before Daktari. It makes me wonder if she had a little bit of work done on her teeth as there is a slight imperfection in her smile here. What do you think?

Can anybody guess who her escort is and what TV show he starred in? The answer is below …

Still, totally adorable!

cheryl miller deb star movie premiere2

cheryl miller deb star movie premiere

I love the old-fashioned phone number. 🙂

This is available on eBay if you want it.

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How well do you know Daktari? Play this game to find out!

For the fan, this game is a no-brainer but it’s fun! Just click on the image to give it a whirl.