Adorable video tribute to Jack and Paula

There are Daktari tribute videos popping up all over the place on YouTube! Here’s a particularly cute one honoring the chemistry between Jack and Paula (Why didn’t the writers see this through??):

One of the nicest couples on television. If only …

12 comments on “Adorable video tribute to Jack and Paula

  1. You know, according to the first book “Mystery at Wameru” Paula was only 17 when the series started. Jack was presumably already a college graduate so he would have been 22 or 23 at least. I liked the chemistry, too, but that’s kind of a large age difference.

    I was surprised to read somewhere that Bart Jason was supposed to be Paula’s “love interest” in the third season. The writers never went into that at all which is probably just as well since they didn’t seem to have much chemistry between them.

  2. Unforgettables moments !

  3. Cheryl Miller (Paula) was the prettiest girl at Van Nuys High School my senior year and I’m proud to say we went steady my last semester. A VERY CLASSY lady.
    As I remember, she lost out to Cheryl Holdridge as the Mousecateer “Cheryl” …she would have been a super star ! Fred F

  4. Like many Daktari fans I remember the scene with Paula, and Jack behind the elephant, then came he last season, and the line about Jack being married and back in the states. I never did like Bart he did not fit the show, he ran around trying to be macho man all the time, really out of place in the show. I always thought as a Tarzan fan Ron Ely could have fit into the show very well, Ron had a easy going type style.

  5. I almost forgot once more you took a bad day and made it could with your post. Thanks

  6. Aw, thank you! And Jack was married??? Oh my, Daktari scandal! 😉 He nearly kissed Paula behind the elephant and kissed her forehead in that two-parter.

  7. Yes a lovely video for sure! I thought that Jack’s absence in the 4th series was explained by saying he was back in the states studying further – don’t remember a mention of him being married, but I could be wrong. 🙂 Great shame the writers didn’t use that chemistry a bit more!

  8. Oahh, I just loved Jack and Paula together! The thing of Paula being only 17 is new to me, but I don’t think she is (or would have been) too old to Jack. And yes, it definately clarifies some of her actions… 😀
    As for Jack leaving the series, it was said that he had gone back to the US for some kind of research project and a scholarship. Yale Summers, the actor was the one who got married, but not his character.
    And, just to make sure they have a happy ending, I wrote my own final part, in which Jack returns and gets together with Ms. Tracy turning into Mrs. Dane. 🙂 ❤

  9. * I meant, Jack too old for Paula.. But how on earth?!, these two were meant to be together!! ❤
    And as for Bart, at first I did dislike him a lot, but eventually I found him to be a great guy. A bit rough, it's true, but still I loved him as well.

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